Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Manuals

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Manuals

Please read Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Manual and Instuctions before using the device to ensure safe and proper use. Read more for Samsung Galaxy note 6 User Guide
  • Descriptions are based on the device’s default settings.
    Samsung Galaxy note 6 User guide
  • Some content may differ from your device depending on the region, service provider, model specifications, or device’s software.
  • Content (high quality content) that requires high CPU and RAM usage will affect the overall performance of the device. Apps related to the content may not work properly depending on the device’s specifications and the environment that it is used in.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Manuals

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Manual is not liable for performance issues caused by apps supplied by providers other than Samsung.com
  • You may incur additional charges for data services, such as messaging, browsing, uploading and downloading, auto-syncing, or using location services depending on your data plan. For large data transfers, it is recommended to use the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Wi-Fi feature.
  • Default apps that come with the device are subject to updates and may no longer be supported without prior notice. If you have questions about an app provided with the device, contact a Samsung Service Centre. For user-installed apps, contact service providers.
  • Modifying the device’s operating system or installing softwares from unofficial sources may result in device malfunctions and data corruption or loss. These actions are violations of your Samsung licence agreement and will void Samsung Galaxy Note 6 warranty.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Manuals - Update 

Samsung Galaxy note 6 user guide
Access device information, edit the device name, or update Samsung Galaxy Note 6 software.
On the Settings screen, tap About Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Manual.


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